What is the Right Waist-Cincher for Me?

Where to Start the Waist Training Process

Perhaps one of the most common questions we get through emails, walk-ins, and people who simply know they want to start waist training but don’t know where to start is “what is the right waist-cincher for me?”

One of the first things to consider is your purpose. What is your specific need for a waist-cincher? Is it for weight-loss, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, post-surgical, or to simply rock it for a night out with your favorite black dress? Defining the need is the most important, as each model that we carry is meant for a specific need.

As the saying goes “two peas in a pod,” a reference used to convey that two things are just like each other, waist-cinchers may look identical, but each of our garments is unique in their own way, full of botanical ingredients that help target each client’s needs. While all the products contain vitamin E, Seaweed, Ginkgo Biloba, and other botanical ingredients, what makes the difference is the use in a garment.


The next thing to consider is the type of fabric you want in order to achieve your goals. We offer both high and normal compression, high compression being the one recommended for specific occasions. For instance, if you underwent a plastic surgery, then high compression would help, as the garment offers anti-inflammatory properties, and will help your healing process. Other reasons people consider high compression garments are because of its textile strength and how nicely they compress your curves, leaving your body with a sculpted look. Move over, Kim K!

Normal compression is great for everyday wear. If you are looking to get a “Light–Coverage” for wearing underneath work attire, or you simply want to test out the products without the added cost of a high compression garment, then definitely opt in for this one. In regards to price, by the way, there is only a $30 difference between high and normal compression.


Grips or no grips? While if you simply perform a Google search for “waist-cincher for me,” the best way to narrow it down is to know that you have options just like a candy store. Along with the grip option, it’s also worth mentioning that we carry a zipper alternative for the customers who want to have more time in the morning to get ready, and less time fighting with the grip-work.


Along with having an idea of the compression preference and closure, it’s also good to know the preferred length for your waist-cincher. Do you want it to be knee length or the same length as your jeans? Or perhaps a garment that is discreet enough to be as short as your intimate wear? We would recommend considering all these qualifiers that influence your intended purpose for using compression garments.

Trust Your Doctor

Lastly, keep an open mind when you are considering the waist garment as recommended by a doctor. It’s good to know what you like and your price budget, but also remember that your doctor always knows what’s best for any specific medical conditions or needs.

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